NOSTI consists of an astrological wheel showing the 12 signs of the zodiac and a central vertical column with 10 extending arms and cups. These contain crystals that represent the Sun, Moon and planets, and rotate around a stationary Earth crystal at the top. (This is because astrology interprets celestial information from the point of view of Earth rather than the Sun).

Each crystal arm can be placed in any position on the wheel and so, in any of the signs. Rotating arrows at the base of the column also show the 12 houses of astrology, along with other items of astrological significance.

A Natal Chart can, therefore, be set up for anyone. Alternatively, real-time planetary movements and transits can be modelled and imagined even when the planets are retrograde.

Your Chart Explained


The wheel sits on a square base which helps interpret the horoscope – whether it’s a day chart or a night chart (and what that means) and which facets of life are impacted by the signs and planets, according to the house in which they occur.

It also shows the important Ascendant-Descendant axis which strongly influences the horoscope and indicates the correct positioning of the wheel on the base; the 1st House always starts at the Ascendant (Sunrise), with subsequent houses (2nd – 12th) progressing anti-clockwise from there.

An aluminium turntable is included in the set so the wheel can be rotated easily on the base.



Each planet is represented by a different crystal, starting with Earth at the top. The planets then descend the column in order of their increasing distance from Earth – so the Moon, our closest neighbour, is next; and Pluto, which is furthest from Earth, is at the bottom.

The crystals are associated with the planets they represent and their dimensions, though not proportional, indicate a planet’s relative size: