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NOSTI is an astrological orrery – an interactive model of the solar system that shows the relative positions and motions of the planets and moons. It can either be used to construct a 3D Natal Chart – your personal map of the heavens at the moment you were born – or to track the daily movement of celestial bodies in the solar system. It can also be enjoyed simply for its aesthetic appeal as an interesting objet d’art.


Please note that NOSTI is not a mechanical device – it is operated by hand. Neither does it provide information on, nor interpretation of, individual horoscopes – these need to be accessed online or via a professional astrologer.

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Three editions are currently available, all based on Western Astrology – an antique version in aged brass; a more spiritual version in polished brass; and a modern version in stainless steel.

Different models based on the Jyotisha – the traditional Hindu system of astrology – are in development and will be available
in 2022.

All editions are delivered with the wheel fully assembled (apart from the crystals) and with a protective glass cover.

Every orrery is handmade and, therefore, unique.

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NOSTI comprises over one hundred parts which are assembled by hand in Cornwall.

Some components, such as the natural stone wheels, are also made locally, while others are sourced from the wider UK, as well as from Europe and Asia.

Please note that NOSTI is not a toy and is intended for adult use only. Follow the link below for safety advice and technical information.

You can also learn how to use NOSTI here.

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Learn more about astrology, the significance of the signs, planets and houses, and how to read your Natal Chart.

Plus explore some interesting links to further recommended reading.

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NOSTI is short for Nosce Te Ipsum – the Latin form of the famous Delphic Maxim ‘Know Yourself’

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